Portable Technology Gadget Reviews


Today, there are so many different technological gadgets and different outlets that judge them, that there is little way to tell what and who to trust. So many sources are connected to the vendors of this technology without disclosing that information, that it is difficult to tell whether or not the information you are receiving is accurate. When it comes to reviews, there is something about having an unbiased resource for technology reviews.

Now granted, there are a number of technology sites out there that give unbiased reviews and are not paid for their work, but then there is the idea that they are so large that they might be under pressure from some companies to give them positive reviews, and while they may not be paying them directly for their review, they may still have that pressure thrust upon them just for various reasons.

No pressure, no pay

Since we are such a small company, there is no pressure on us to say anything that we do not believe. Everything we say is based on our unbiased reviews and is meant to inform the consumer and nobody else. There is so much falseĀ information on the web that we are proud to say that we are one of the few untarnished sites on the web for all things concerning portable product reviews. Not only are we beholden to nobody, but we are dedicated to giving customers a way to decide what to buy and where to buy it from.

Join us in a new world where customer information is something that is sacred. In a world where there are so many sites that give false information or information that is said under certain pretenses, we are a light of hope in that we do not answer to anybody but the customer.