About Us


Technology has become such a part of our world that there is a need to make sure that people are getting the right opinion on it. This is why we do what we do and why we have been at it for so many years. We have always been people that are interested in technology, and with the world being what it is today it has become so much easier to evaluate technology against other technology and to build a community that is filled with knowledge for all.

We began this company as a way to share what we have learned about technology and the way in which we love to pursue the latest gadgets and to share what we know about technology with our community. There is so much technology out there that there is really no way to test it all yourself.

Filling a consumer void

There are a number of publications that allow people to give their two cents in terms of technology, but there are not many sites that work for the consumer and with the consumer. Our way of evaluating technology is something that we pride ourselves upon as a way to connect with our customer and continue to explore the world of technology.

Join us as we give people the best information on the best and worst technology available. We are sure that you will love our honest brand of review and that we will continue to serve our community and show them that there is no substitute for research.